The 2016 New Year Resolution

To be honest, 2015 was a bit of a dark, long, vodka-flooded tunnel for me. The new year has seduced me yet again with the promise of fulfilling my hopes and dreams. One of my goals for 2016 is to get more creative. Plainly, I feel the need to make shit.

To push me to do this, I’m  firing up ye olde blog again. As part of what I plan on talking about here, I’m aiming to finish 12 (one per month) 30 Things in 30 Days lists. The idea is simple – Create a list of 30 events/habits you want to complete/start, and start crossing things off. To start January 2016 off, I’m adding my first list below.

Without further blah, blah:

January 2016: 30 Things in 30 Days

  1. Create a 30 Things in 30 Days List.
  2. Start up your blog (update regularly).
  3. Make a “Good Things That Happened” Jar.
  4. Work on making your video idea.
  5. Wake up at 5AM for a week. Use this extra time to be productive.
  6. Be more social on social media.
  7. Start a Vine account, and create content.
  8. Start a new playlist of 2016 music.
  9. Listen to a new song every day.
  10. Work out again & track changes with photos.
  11. Create 15 minutes of comic material.
  12. Start investing money.
  13. Get your fucking passport.
  14. Beat a Video Game.
  15. Find a personal mentor.
  16. Finish a book, cover to cover.
  17. Be a vegetarian for one week.
  18. Master a new recipe.
  19. Buy tickets to a concert/Go to a concert.
  20. Write to a pen-pal.
  21. Organize a friend date.
  22. Text someone out of your circle every day.
  23. Go to the movies alone.
  24. Try a new television show.
  25. Learn a song on the guitar.
  26. Budget yourself – $50 for 5 days.
  27. Bag your own lunch for one week.
  28. Make a final decision on a tattoo.
  29. Guest write for a publication.
  30. Read the newspaper for 5 days.

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